Sand VB Rules

- BE HONEST with respect to the rules and league play
- Rally score, let serve, no setting/tipping over in any direction
- No "setting"/overhand-touch on first touch on serve receive
- Block counts as 1st contact, and the blocker can make the next contact
- Switch sides at 10 or 11 points for all 3 games
- Net rule: you cannot make contact with net, but you can enter the opponent’s court without touching the net if it does not interfere with opposing players
- Remember to report scores (wins/losses – not scores of individual games)

If there is a schedule conflict: avoid re-scheduling, try to play with any sub you can find:

During League play:

- open subs (even existing league players), use players who are on bye weeks

During Play-offs:

- use subs who have played during league play previously may play during play-offs
- existing league players can be used as a sub if not already playing in playoffs
- all others must be pre-approved by league coordinator

Weather cancellations (heavy rain or lightening):

- Please still show up to the courts – sometimes the weather subsides or it may not be raining there
- We will stop if lightening is seen nearby
- We will play in light rain – so dress accordingly!

- Net height is the standard women’s net height (women’s league members will need to lower nets)
- Court size will be standard sand 2s small court (women’s league members will need to adjust lines)

Play-off Process

- Top 7 teams make playoffs
- Format is best of 3 games, to 21, win by 2, no cap
- Subs: see notes above.

Wildwood Notes

- By joining this league, you are signing a waiver that you will not pursue Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill and/or its Affiliates in case of injury
- NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL PERMITTED ON THE GROUNDS. This includes spectators. Water & Sports drinks are permitted.
- Be an adult, pick up after yourself, be respectful of the facility & employees
- Use areas other than the patio to store your personal items while playing.